Petra Ardai is theatre-maker, moderator, lecturer and writer. She is the artistic director of the Amsterdam and Budapest based art collective SPACE. Petra has wide experience documentary theatre and immersive collaborative storytelling in various media. She produces interactive performances, multimedia installations, online art, living heritage apps and instant visionary fiction. She gives workshops and lectures. Petra is specialized in future scenario’s and builds imaginary worlds around the question: ‘Who owns the Future?’ She collaborates with cross-sector partners from the field of art, science and NGO’s.

Petra creates storytelling-machines’; the concepts catalyse common narratives of inclusivity. She believes that the insights that can be generated through an art experience yield knowledge that is indispensable in all segments of life. 
Art is the tool and the means to a new way of thinking and doing.
She addresses major themes like identity, migration, climate change and the implications of technological development through the ‘politics of the personal’. She invites guests with various background to collaborate in projects and nest their own expertise and stories in the narrative in order to convey an engaged worldview and advance an evocative proposition on: ‘What if this would happen to us?’ What would we do in that situation?’
Petra studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, at the Dartington College of Arts UK and at DasArts, De Amsterdamse School/Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies.
She is connected as guest teacher to among others the Amsterdam School of Arts (Mime / BA and Das Theatre/ MA), Utrecht School of the Arts (Theatre and Interdisciplinary projects BA/ MA). She coaches international young theatre, dance and new media artists and developers.

She is advisor at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and founding member of Plurality U+, a global diverse and open network to mobilize the resources of the imaginary to widen space of thinkable alternative futures.
Petra is a writer of numerous theatre scenario’s and audio-plays. She published non -fiction short stories and is recently working on a book.
As a moderator she is developing a practice with Twijnstra Gudde Consultancy on sustainable futures and with University of Amsterdam (UvA), Free University Amsterdam (VU), University of Hannover and Heidelberg, Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB) on the themes: AI and Nursing, Student Analytics, Leadership development and Transversal skills training programme for postgraduate students.

Petra is conducting an explorative art and science research on AI and storytelling together with the University of Tillburg (Department of Cognitive science and Artificial intelligence and Social Embodyment).

Artist Statement (pdf)