Petra Ardai is a theatre-maker, teacher and scenario writer.

She is the artistic director of the Amsterdam and Budapest based art collective SPACE. Petra has wide experience in documentary theatre and immersive storytelling in various media. In SPACE, she produced interactive performances, social impact games, performative installations, heritage and community projects on the border of advocacy and art. Collaborating with cross-sector partners from the field of art, science, NGOs and local communities  Petra builds imaginary worlds around the question: ‘Who owns the Future?’ She is specialised in human centred design thinking and co-creative processes that connect people with diverse background and expertise.

”I listen to people’s small, unfinished, personal stories. I collect grains of human lives. I want to discover the hidden common and look for that which binds us. It is one continuous movement between me, the other and the world. Who am I, who are you and what are we doing here?”


Petra  is advisor at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and founding member of Plurality U+, a global diverse and open network to mobilize the resources of the imagination to widen space of thinkable alternative futures. Petra is a teacher of performance studies and works as an advisor at Das Theatre (MA AHK) in Amsterdam. She creates programs on diversity and inclusivity at the HKU Theater in Utrecht.

Petra is a writer of numerous theatre scenario’s and audio-plays. She published short stories and  nonfiction artikels is working on a book. As a moderator and science communication expert she worked with a.o .Twijnstra Gudde Consultancy, University of Amsterdam (UvA), Free University Amsterdam (VU), Sci Link Amsterdam, University of Hannover, Siegen, Debrecen and Heidelberg, Trinity College Dublin, Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB).

Artist Statement (pdf)