23 October – 1 November

Friday 23 October is the opening of (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES. An online and offline festival to experience Al, cyborgs, data, digital twins and robots.

Come along on a voyage of discovery via cyborgs and discover the fact that we’re already cyborgs, and how the new reality that technology brings us will shape our future of living and working.

Find the online program here.

Tuesday – 27, 28, 29 October and 1 November
Rehearsing The Revolution – Almere

The revolution starts in Almere! Together with Corrosia Theatre, SPACE created Rehearsing The Revolution. An international theatre project about the future of the world.

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Wednesday – 4 November
A Fair Share of Utopia

‘If you would die today and reincarnate one generation later, in what world would you want to be born, regardless of where or who you are?’ This is the question posed to the artists of ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’ and inspired them to create new works for Nest and CBK Zuidoost.

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