“We have abolished slavery, built welfare states and created the Internet. Humanity has so often improved radically. There is no reason why we should not be able to do this again now… Stories determine what we want as a society, and what we strive for. If we keep telling each other that oil is fantastic, and gas is very important, we will continue to believe that. Only when the stories about the benefits of sustainability are massively heard and passed on will these options win. ” – Jelmer Mommers- The Correspondent

Digest The Future is a series of theatrical dinner talks in which we present the future by means of a what-if scenario. During dinner, the invited experts and the audience engage in interactive world building through immersive visionary storytelling. With visionary fiction we can evoke possible futures, imaginary worlds where we can experiment with the most wild and outrageous ideas without devastating consequences. In this free thinking-space we can let go of the preconditioned and rusty thinking patterns and make ourselves open to new ideas. Digest The Future filters the overabundance of knowledge and information by using ancient storytelling methods and myths and leads us back to what really matters, to timeless values and sustainable daily reality.

Digest The Future talks about the future to find out what the possible world of tomorrow can tell us about today. It is an ecosystem of facts and the imaginary: the project brings art, science and everyday reality together to prepare for the challenges of the transition period in which we find ourselves today. We start from the idea: If we can see the future we want, we can shape it too.

A select group of future thinkers, scientists, artists and experience experts are invited to explore together the different aspects of a future scenario while eating, telling stories and participating in an art experience. Based on their expertise, the guests envision alternative systems and practices. Reality and fiction mix in storytelling, science, music, video reports, tastes and smells. New questions arise and new connections form.

Digest the Future is a hybrid event in which art and science reinforce each other. The scenario and theme are always tailored to generate optimal impact.

For tickets and more info please visit: www.digestthefuture.com

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Photo’s: Jordi Wallenburg