Remember The Good Times (RTGT) is a site-specific audio-visual project that takes place in an industrial monument, a street, a neighbourhood, or any site that contains the memory of a lost community. Remember The Good Times was made for Steel Factory Csepel in Budapest (2012) for the NDSM, a ship wharf in Amsterdam (2015), and Hembrug a former military factory in Zaandam (2014), Purmerend.
The Private serie is an oral history app about emotion, disarmament and enchantment in past and present times. During this cinematic adventure you will see and hear stories of people who are born and from newcomers who have lost their hearts to this specific place.

Concept, Petra Ardai, App: Pocketguide Inc, Text: Petra Ardai, Graphic desing and video: Rozi Szeleczki, Janos D. Tedeschi, Sound:Luc van Loo, Marieke Dermul, Wouter Snel, Dramaturg andresearch: Marike Splint, Rosa van Toledo, Content management: Daniella Huszár, Voices: Janni Goslinga, Juda Goslinga, PR material: Esther de Boer, Design sleeves: By Gitte Handmade, Production: Bjorn Jansen, Marta Pisco, Business Management: Nora Duijf, Irene Noordkamp,
Team SPACE: Effie Baert, Judit Böröcz, Maarten Verhoef, Maya Lievegoed.

Ruud van de Sluis, Martin Pruimers, Hansje Herfst, Marten Wijbenga, Betty Dikit en team NDSM, VVV Terschelling, Commissie 1666, Lode van Piggelen, NDSM, Over het IJ Festival, Oerol, Hembrug, Ondernemersvereniging Katendrecht.

Funds and sponsors
European Cultural Foundation, VSBfonds, Fonds voor Podiumkunsten, SNS Reaalfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Eschauzierfonds.

Thanks to
(former) residents, passers-by and former employees of neighborhoods, areas, island etc.


Private Terschelling
about the disaster of 1666 at Terschelling.

Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht
about the development of a neighbourhood.

Remember The Good Times/ NDSM Werf
former shipyard in Amsterdam Nord.

Remember The Good Times/ Csepel Steel plant
Steel plant in Budapest Hungary.

Remember The Good Times/ Hembrug former production of firearms, artillery and ammunition in Zaanstad.

Private Eger, Hongarije, interactive heritage game through the city.

Private Purmerend, private history of the residents of Purmerend.