Six do-gooders engage in a heart-warming drop off race, where the audience eventually decides who is to win. The spectators (employees, congress visitors, colleagues) use their individual voting device to decide, together which of the 6 idealists, who wins a live show subsequently gaining financial support to realize their dream project. This has been performed in The Netherlands, 2012.

In a highly intelligent performance, the audience itself chooses the idealist of the night. All sorts of feelings around ‘giving’ bubble spontaneously up in us (spectator). Do we feel powerless or for a split second not guilty, can we help to solve the problem or do we make it worse? The fact that we see and hear how others, in this case the people around us in the theatre venue, think and vote, makes it all very real and to the point and confronts us with our own way of thinking and the complexity of the organized altruism: which emotions of rationalities should a clever charity organization target to reach us?’ ‘4 stars!
Mirjam van de Linden in De Volkskrant (NL)

Studium Generale Eindhoven
Parade 2012 (Amsterdam, Utrecht)
Omarmprijs 2012 – cooperation with the city of Amsterdam
Studium Generale Groningen
Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Concept and play: Petra Ardai, Technical development and play: Luc van Loo.

Funds and sponsors
Stichting Doen, Performing Arts Fund, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.