Challenges and possibilities of the unknown bring us closer together but can also drive us apart. What if we would use our imagination to build trust and to be curious about new and unfamiliar ideas? What if we would pay attention to the things we take for granted? Or what if instead of giving in to the urge of reacting we would listen to other voices? When we engage in a dialogue, we create space for something new to happen. The exchange broadens our vision, helps us understand what we stand for, where we might be biased and how we could leapfrog (skip stages) together towards an inclusive and sustainable future. 

Rehearsing the Revolution proposes models for radical change by exercising new ways of relating to each other and to the commons: the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society. The project involves divergent communities in a chain of online and offline events in the form of workshops, round table discussions, social impact gaming and performances. The narrative of Rehearsing the Revolution follows the actual path of a revolution, a groundbreaking change like the fall of the Berlin Wall or the story of the black activist Rosa Parks who dared to sit down in the tram. All revolutions start with imagining a change.

We will embark on a journey exercising ourselves in fictional revolutions to create a playground for the imagination. Along the way, we encounter dilemma’s, adversity, unexpected troubles and temptations that can only be solved if we find our way to collaborate and cooperate. The only way to survive is starting a revolution that leads to a thriving ecosystem in balance. Which might not be the what envisioned at the beginning of our adventure

Rehearsing the Revolution is a co-creative process focusing on revealing a bedrock of shared values from where new ideas and collaboration within and amongst the involved communities can sprout. They are connected to four living environments/biotopes: the city, the countryside, the neighbourhood and the continent. Together with them SPACE aims to generate a restorative circle of dialogues. 

Communities 2020-2021

City – Almere
Countryside/ Farm – Grond van Bestaan
Continent/ Europe- Cyprus, Hungary, The Netherlands
Neighbourhood/ IJsselmonde – Rotterdams WijkTheatre


European Cultural Foundation
Climate Cleanup
Drawdown Europe
Grond van Bestaan
Corrosia Theatre
Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Buffer Fringe Festival (Cyprus)
Trafó (Budapest)
Füge (Budapest)

The Makers

Petra Ardaï
Jörgen ‘Unom” Gario
Tamara Zsófia Vadas
Rebekka Fries
Esther Verhamme
Judit Böröcz
Constantina Georgiou
Eric de Ruijter
Marta Pisco