STATS, is a sustainable online artwork and a mobile congress centre in the public space, where people can enter a dialogue about the world around them and by the interpretation of ‘Big Data’. Through real time statistics, current and historical information about the life in the city is shown. STATS was presented in the Hungary, Budapest, The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Amsterdam.

“The documentary theatre of Stats is no doubt fascinating. The sheer numbers of how much people drink, eat, spend on social media, transpire, visit prostitutes or are a prostitute, scam insurances, indulge on Facebook or visit dating sites is dizzying: sometimes the numbers go up to billions and they just keep on spinning. These ‘real time statistics’ have a beneficent effect on the audience: you realize that as an individual you are a part of this amazing machinery that is called humanity.(…)”
Kester Freeriks, theaterkrant

Concept: Petra Ardai, Research: Marike Splint Dramaturg: Felix Ritter, Marike Splint, Set- en graphic design: Rozi Szeleczki, Data design and programmer: Billy Schonenberg, Online marketing: Jennifer Bouwmeester, video registration: Spektor Transmedia, Technical support and implementation: Luc van Loo, Performers: Marta Pisco, Petra Ardai, Luc van Loo.

Supported by
Stichting Doen, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Imagine Art & Climate change, Over het IJ Festival, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Nederlandse Spoorwegen.


about statistics in the city.

about statistics in the city.

DASC / Hungary 
about West versus East-Europe.

Foodnight in Amsterdam-East
about gentrification

Policy in Amsterdam-East
about education, security and environment.

Boulevard of special meetings
about migration.