Communication and Immersive Storytelling in Research

Creativity, critical thinking, and communication are essential skills researchers need in our ever-changing world- full of new challenges. Through the OEduverse Project, participants will explore the methodology of immersive collaborative storytelling, which allows them to formulate their research more effectively to wider audiences and each other. Researchers will engage in playful scenario exercises that are geared towards empowerment and the ownership of a sustainable career in research. Participating researchers will collaborate on short-term and long-term future scenarios, formulate their own stories, reflect on existing academic structures and will walk away with more confidence in their presentation skills to small and large audiences and in their peer communication.

The Communication and Immersive Storytelling in Research Module goes a step further by asking participants to reimagine the world of academia and envision the future they want. This empowering segment of the program will build confidence in early-stage researchers, encourage active participation, and take control of their academic life and future career. Only when individuals are able to envision and speak up for what changes they want to see, systemic changes can happen!

SPACE will design two immersive collaborative storytelling workshops for the Summer University program:

1. Dreams, plans and impact
– relevance of individual research in academia and in the world outside of it. How does your research make the world a better place?

2. The University of the Future– based on individual and shared experiences we re-imagine Academia and its impact on the future. We reflect on the themes and lectures of the summer university by entering the imaginary. A what-if game/ immersive collaborative storytelling

Partners: TIB Hannover, SciLink The Nederlands, Dublin Trinity College, Institute Curie, SciLink, SPACE and University of Siegen.