Creative Producer Common Ground Dialogues

SPACE/Stichting We Are Space is looking for an innovative, socially engaged, independent, reliable and business-minded creative producer for the further development of the project Common Ground Dialogues.

Common Ground Dialogues is a multi-year international art and science project that SPACE realises in cooperation with cross-sector partners in Hungary, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. Research and development will be anchored in fieldwork with local communities in the different countries. We want to establish an inclusive working method and build a network that actively connects different social groups and expertise, and links up with already existing initiatives with similar objectives and commitment. The aim of the project is to jointly develop a methodology of a co-creative art practice that depolarises and creates common ground between people with different backgrounds, experiences, and views on complex social issues such as migration, inequality, and climate change.

We believe that change starts from within and are convinced that co-creative art experiences can cultivate cultural shifts, enable fundamental change and collaboration, even in circumstances where nothing else seems to work.

Job description

We are looking for a creative producer to build the organisation around the Common Ground Dialogues project. A creative producer who develops fundraising strategies in the Netherlands and Europe, keeps track of budgets, contracts, deliverables and deadlines and coordinates collaboration with partners and the team.

Our ideal candidate

Is inventive, independent, reliable, and business-minded and interested in socially engaged content. He/she/they can think and communicate horizontally within an international (project) team and is able to produce a high-quality art experience that is both scientifically and socially meaningful. He/she/they resonates with the urgency of the project and is interested in helping to build and stabilize the organization around this new and innovative form of art. 


Skills and characteristics

Contract: Freelance 12-16 hours per week
To apply please send your motivation and CV to Esther Verhamme 

For more info about the project or SPACE please contact Petra Ardai
+31 6 29 02 60 50.

You can apply until 24 October 2021. Incoming applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis.

About Common Ground Dialogues

The project started in 2020/21 as part of the Culture of Solidarity call of the European Cultural Foundation. In this preliminary research phase of the project, called Rehearsing the Revolution, we developed and tested a social impact storytelling game with different communities and partners in Hungary, Cyprus, the Netherlands and online. The Rehearsing the Revolution game is an immersive storytelling experience that works with elements of theatre, spoken word, movement, experience design and visual arts.

In 2022/23 we plan to continue the research and develop a methodology based on our experiences from the preliminary research in 2021 in collaboration with an international team of scholars and experts from the social field, artists, and local communities. 

The research and methodology development will be practice-based and carried out by a hybrid expertise consortium. We have already established connections with communities (hybrid expertise, rural and urban), artists (interdisciplinary) and scientists from e.g., behavioural sciences, narrative psychology, sociology, communication and history and professionals from the social domain such as teachers, activists and social workers who are interested in joining our research team as partners or associate partners.

In the final phase of the project (2023/25) we want to develop a format based on the methodology that can be widely implemented and applied in all segments of society on an international level.


SPACE is an art initiative based in Amsterdam and Budapest that works with immersive storytelling in various media, documentary theatre and human-centred social design. Its artistic director is Petra Ardai. SPACE often works with partners outside the art world such as scientists, social initiatives, and local communities. SPACE creates experiences that make hard-to-digest social dilemmas tangible and palpable through the politics of the personal. The projects are co-creative learning by doing experiences, and an equal exchange between the participants and the facilitators. SPACE creates safe spaces where conflicts and differences can be shared in a respectful and playful way, and thereby alleviated.

SPACE is a small non-profit organisation with a solid network in the Netherlands and partner countries. SPACE works on a project basis and is involved in the Erasmus+ project Oeduverse as a consortium member. SPACE adheres to the Fair Practice Code.

Main partners: Tolhuistuin, Rotterdams Wijktheater (ICAF), OBA, De Generator, Scillink, UvA, VU in the Netherlands // Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, Home4 Corporations in Cyprus // Central European University, Füge in Hungary // Plurality University/ Narratopia in France // Leibniz Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften Universitätsbibliothek in Germany

Team SPACE: Petra Ardai (storytelling, immersive and interactive performance strategies), Esther Verhamme (online storytelling, UX design, community building), Jörgen Gario (storytelling, poetry), Judit Böröcz (Hungarian producer and dramaturgy), Tamara Vadas (movement)