SOS EARTH – 99% resilient by SPACE explores the current fears around populism, identity and migration through an electrifying scenario. The Earth is becoming uninhabitable and the human population is divided between Earth and Mars. SPACE and the public have to set up the first model colony on the red planet. The theatre is the spaceship and the span of the performance covers 9 months, the time it takes to travel to Mars. Eleven people, who in real life had to flee from their home countries and currently live in The Netherlands, reflect on fear and resilience in a striking kaleidoscope of personal experiences.

While focusing on real, existing social issuesSOS EARTH – 99% resilient evolves around hope.On Mars humanity can reinvent itself. Humanity can make a step in the evolution and figure out how to shape this second chance. „Who owns the future?“ is a relevant question that connects the fictitious and documentary line of the narrative. The emptiness of the red planet shows us that we need to be inclusive to be able to survive. Accordingly our dormant survival mechanisms, empathy or creative powers will reinvigorated and further developed.

Featuring: ‘the Council’

Antonije Nino Žalica, Firoez Azarhoosh, Riham Makieh, Vera Illés, Kibret Mekonnen, Meroon Tesfai Keleta Sengal, Zina Abboud, Bassel Heidar, Hoseb Assadour, Adel Al Baghdadi, Sarah Al Nouimi.


Petra Ardai: concept, director, text and performance, Jörgen [UNOM] Gario: poetry, sound design and performance, Modar Salama: percussion, soundscape and performance, Bart de Vrees: Sound design, Marieke Nooren: dramaturgy, Patricia Ribas: video and editing; Lehel Kovács: graphic deisgn, Marta Pisco: assistant director and design, Irene Noordkamp: management, Mascha Ihwe‘: PR & outreach / Raoul Baeten and Marco Chardon: technical support. With special thanks to: Rozi Szeleczki, Glenn Venghaus, Panni Pintér, Hilde Tuinstra, Zsófi van Loo, Maja Coric, Marieke Wesselink, Jeroen van Rooij and Claudio Ritfeld.

SOS EARTH – 99% resilient receives financial support from Performing Arts Fund, the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds, Fonds 21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and BMP/ Ongekend Bijzonder.


‚The aspiration to gain new insights which subsequently prove to come handy in reality, through a shared story, is truly remarkable (…)’
Sander Janssens,

TG Space successfully engages the public to connect to a complex matter. We are Mars travellers during SOS Earth, a group of pioneers who were chosen to secure the future of humanity.

In a seamless light, often ingenious tone, Petra Ardai and Claudio Ritfeld navigate us through the nine months long space journey, embedded in video with refugee stories from real migrants.

The end, when the public has to take on the role of the newcomer arriving within a foreign crowd (Martians, in this case) is very touching. How do you approach this? We need to search for universal, connecting and disarming values.

On Wednesday the answer was: with lenience and songs.’ ***
Herien Wensink, Volkskrant


De Parade Cafe IK, Utrecht, 5-12 August 2018
Maaspodium, Rotterdam, 30 May 2018
Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film, Almere 17 May 2018
Concordia, Enschede, 18 October 2017
Stadskantoor Utrecht (Theater Kikker), 17, 19 October 2017
At De Parade Den Haag, Utrecht en Amsterdam, July- August 2017
Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam, 15 – 23 July 2017 (première)
Arti et Amicitiea 21 May 2017 (open rehearsal)
Ondertussen Amsterdam 8 June 2017 (open rehearsal)